​​Nail Art

Paramedical Beauty Clinic is an authorized pioneer beauty clinic to offer Ultherapy for nonsurgical skin lifting & tightening in Sydney. 

​​​​​​​​Injectable in Sydney

Paramedical Beauty Clinic offers best body contouring Sculpsure treatment  package in Sydney 

Take action and remove unwanted hair with our advanced Diode Laser and stay silky, smoother for long lasting results. 

Paramedical Beauty Clinic would like to provide you with a therapeutic and rejuvenating treatment experience for your face and body. We use the most effective products and technology that are highly reputed in this industry. This is what we focus on: 

Sculpsure in Sydney

​​LightSheer Laser

Hair Removal

Paramedical beauty Clinic  offers the best Picosure treatment for Pigmentation, Tattoo Removal, skin tone, acne scar, fine lines treatment in Sydney 

        Picosure in Sydney 

Paramedical Beauty Clinic offers cosmetic injectable service in Sydney to maximize the natural holistic balance for a more youthful and natural look.


Our specialised beautician can accentuate your eyes. By attaching each lash according to the shape of your eyes to create the look that you are after.  Please call (02) 9715 7998 to book your space.

Eyelash Extensions

Paramedical Beauty Clinic offers advanced body contouring with Velashpe III in Sydney.

Paramedical Beauty Clinic offers semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner tattooing  and lip tattooing with the best  techniques in Sydney to achieve a natural look.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Paramedical Beauty Clinic is offering the highest professional standards of skin and body beauty treatments for 20 years. Our clinic uses the finest cutting edge technology to ensure our treatments to be safe and effective. We advocate non-surgical, non-invasive skin and body treatments to enhance natural beauty. ​

Cosmetic Tattooing in Sydney

Velashape III in Sydney


Bring back your confidence with a sparkling SMILE.  Please call

(02) 9715 7998 to book your space.

Decorate your nails from the specialised nail technician at our beauty branch next street, you will love to present more of your  hands and feet. Please call

(02) 9715 7998 to book your space.

Ultherapy in Sydney