Pigmentation Removal

We offer you a free consultation at no cost. To ensure you that we provide a successful treatment program and skincare regime for your requirements.  

We have over 15 years of laser experience. Paramedical Beauty Clinic is a leading beauty clinic of non-invasive, skin rejuvenation and body contouring. 

Dryness & Dehydration

Moles and skin tags are growths on skin that are usually brown or black. they can appear anywhere on the skin. Clear skin fast and painlessly at paramedical beauty clinic 

We provide a friendly, passionate and professional service. We respect your privacy, while you are receiving our treatments in a relaxed hygienic environment. 

Dark Circles & Eye Bag

Scar Repair

Dry and dehydrated skin are not only common during winter season, they can be a temporary condition or a lifelong concern. The causes can be stressful lifestyle, also the use of inappropriate products on the skin.

Open Pores

Sagging Skin

Frustrated by blackheads, whiteheads,pimples, and cysts, with intensive treatments and a strict skin care routine, we will bring back your skin as  clear and refined as you’d hoped.

We offer the newest and precise technology. It is powerful enough to do the treatments effectively yet safely and is well maintained to provide consistent results. 

Paramedical beauty clinic  provides you a combination technologies to even out skin tone, reduce the discolouration and increasing your natural radiance.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Ageing skin develops wrinkles, fine lines and furrows. Paramedical beauty clinic offer a broad range of professional treatments to restore your younger looking.

With a hint of tint you can enjoy natural, full-looking brows & lashes for an always polished and put-together look! 

Pores are hair follicle openings that serve as the escape route for perspiration and other body toxins, also they are the pathway for oil to reach the skin.


Fine Line & Wrinkles

As you age, your skin loses the collagen and elastin, skin sagging a little further down with each passing day. Sun damage and genetics all have a profound effect on the appearance of your skin.

Paramedical beauty clinic offers effective scar revision treatments with latest leading technology. We can reduce the appearance of scarring to achieve the  successful results. 


Moles & Skin Tags

Acne & Breakouts


Your skin condition and situation is unique, we welcome your visit  to Paramedical beauty clinic for a free consultation. 

Dark circles and eye bags can leave you looking tired, unhealthy and older. When skin becomes thinner and collagen is lost, the appearance of blood vessels beneath the eyes  make the area appear darker. 

Paramedical Beauty Clinic is a leading beauty clinic in laser and skin rejuvenation treatments, acne and scars, facial capillaries, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation. As a comprehensive one-stop beauty clinic, our goal is to make you look and feel great. We posses the ability to  refresh your skin at its very best!