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Founder and clinic director Jing Wang, is passionate about the field of skin repair, she has graduated with a Bachelor of Preventive Medicine and Master of Preventive Medicine at Harbin Medical University in China. As she was developing her business, Jing extended her studies at the University of Technology Sydney and completed her MBA. Jing’s great passion and medical understanding are to address clients’ satisfaction and concerns, these are her inspiration. By creating her own clinic, she can continue her passion, explore and research the advanced, cutting-edge technologies and products to help her clients achieve optimum results. 

Jing’s wealth of experience enables her to perform and train clinical laser treatments. Jing also enjoys eyebrow feathering, she attended the international eyebrow feathering competition in 2019 and placed No. 7 on Oscar in  Microbalding final round.

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20 Years Experience In Laser Therapy

Paramedical Beauty Clinic is one of Australia’s most experienced laser skin repair and body contouring clinics,offers the highest professional standards of skin and body beauty treatments from non-surgical, non-invasive treatment to invasive specialist services. We uses the finest cutting edge technology to ensure our treatments are safe and efficient, providing skin repair and rejuvenation, skin tightening and lifting, body contouring, injectables, skin management facials and semi-permanent tattooing

Our friendly, passionate and professional service to offer tailored, results-focussed, affordable treatments in a hygienic environment.