Agnes RF

Dynamic precision Radio Frequency (RF) technology microneedling

Agnes RF


AGNES Precision RF is not only a non-surgical solution to Acne, Eye bags , Syringomas, also is a unique nonsurgical radiofrequency device that can sculpt the face and deliver firmer, tighter, more youthful-looking skin. 


How Agnes RF Works

Agnes RF utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) energy for tissue coagulation and electrothermolysis. Micro-insulated needles penetrate the skin at specific points, distributing radiofrequency energy at precise temperatures to generate a tissue response without damaging the epidermis. This makes microneedling with AGNES RF simple, precise, and effective. Agnes destroys the sebaceous glands in a selective and permanent way to treat Acne. Agnes treats Eyebags by using insulated needle, inserted into the eyebags to dissolve the bulging fat. The skin on the lower eyelid is further tightened by shorter insulated needle using Radiofrequency energy.

  • 1MHz Mono-polar
  • Square wave form to minimize energy deviation
  • Reusable grounding pad
  • Needles are micro-insulated to protect against epidermal burning
  • (9) separate needle types
  • Needle checking camera helps ensure safety and precision

Which Conditions Can Be Treated?

Acne, Blackheads, Syringiomas, Wrinkles, Eye-bags, Chin fat pads, lower face tightening

Is Agnes RF Safe For All Skin Types?

AGNES is a radiofrequency microneedling device for any type of skin color. The Agnes has nine different types of the microneedle, and each type has the different insulation to use the procedure as safely as possible. Further, the output radiofrequency energy from Agnes is NOT like other traditional sine waveforms which can affect thermal damage to the soft tissue by the residual tale heat, but the square waveform of radiofrequency energy by Agnes can save the surrounding tissues from the residual tale heat like fast start and quick stop. Although Agnes RF treatment is safer in patients of skin color compared to the laser devices, any significant heat can result in an increased risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or any adverse events at any time.

What Should You Expect During Treatment?

Agnes RF procedures depend on targeted tissue. Many treatments can be performed simply with the application of anaesthetic cream 20 minutes before the procedure. There is a minimal discomfort during the treatment and the patient should feel a light warm pressure. In the case of eye bag treatments and deeper treatments, local anesthetic injections may be used in addition to the anaesthetic gel. In the case of active acne treatments, you may be advised to return in 24 to 48 hours for some light bipolar RF treatment plus further drainage of any remaining sebum/pus.

Recovery Time Post Agnes RF Acne Syringomas Treatments

For acne, syringomas, blackheads side effects are from mild redness for 1-3 days. This can usually be covered with some foundation or tinted moisturizer. 

Recovery Time Post Agnes RF  Deep Lines and Eye bags Treatments

For deep lines and eye-bags downtime is between 3-7 days of swelling and redness followed by a further week of less severe redness. (It is possible to do lighter treatments with less downtime but more treatments may be needed later.) The redness and swelling should be able to be covered by foundation at day 4. Sometimes with heavy treatments, there may be numbness and hypersensitivity of the treated area for up to 4 weeks.

After Care Deep Lines And Eye bags

Immediately after the procedure for eye-bags and heavy deep lines the skin surface will be pink and sensitive for 3-10 days, again depending on depth. Some bruising is common also. Ice bags may be applied every half hour to reduce discomfort and minimise swelling. You may like to take some Panadeine for discomfort or Phenergen 25mg for itch and to help sleep at night (these are both OTC medications).

How Long Does It Take For Improvement?

For deep wrinkles and eye-bags, about 1-2 weeks later, when you have pretty much recovered, the area actually looks “worse” than it did before the procedure. This is normal. Much of the benefit appears over the coming months as new collagen is deposited under the skin and the skin begins to remodel its structure. For treatment of eye bags, it will take 2-6 months for the fat cells to be removed by the body’s macrophages.

For Acne, Comedones, Blackheads, Syringiomas benefits may be within a few weeks but similarly to wrinkles it may take up to 6 months to complete remodelling and remove damaged tissue

Possible Complications of Agnes RF Treatments

Possible temporary complications are bruising, redness, numbness, hypersensitivity, acne outbreak, herpes, yeast or bacterial infection. (Cold sore and Shingles outbreaks may occasionally occur if you are susceptible so we give valaciclovir 500mg as a single tablet for the first 3 days to reduce the risk of this.)

Temporary crusting and oozing as well as permanent scarring, increased or decreased skin colour and persistent tightness around the eye are possible rare complications.