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What Is Cosmetic Injections?

Cosmetic Injections are medical procedures that involve injecting a substance under your skin to correct signs of aging. These treatments are extremely helpful for restoring facial volume, smoothing away age lines, removing wrinkles,  and even reducing chin fat to take care of a double chin

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Who Should Get Neurotoxin, Muscle Relaxants?

Cosmetic Experts Believe The Early Use Of Will “Cure” Unnecessary Wrinkling In Various Areas. Most Importantly, The Anger Lines Called The Angry “11’S” In The USA. In Addition, Cosmetic Experts Believe, Limiting Movement In Certain Areas Will Improve Cutaneous Aging, And Alter Collagen Production.

What Are The Best Areas?

  • Common Areas To Treat Are-Frown, Forehead ( Bar- Code Lines), Crows Feet.
  • Less Common Areas Are Masseters, And Platysmal Bands( Turkey Neck), Chin, And Nose, Shoulder, Lower Leg.
  • In Addition  “Face- Lifting” And Sweating Areas 

Who Should Not Get Neurotoxin, Muscle Relaxants?

Patients Need To Be Older Than 18 Years Of Age, And Not Be Pregnant, Or Breastfeeding, Or Have Other Contraindications.



  • Try To Avoid Icing The Injection Site, While It Used To Be Common Practice, New Research Shows That It Can Slow The Uptake Of The Toxin In The Muscle. 
  • Do Not Rub Or Massage The Treated Area And Avoid Make-Up If Possible.
  • Not Putting Your Head Down For About Four Hours
  • Avoid Sleeping On Your Face The First Night
  • Do Not Exercise Or Take Part In Any Strenuous Activities For The Next 12 Hrs
  • Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption  For The Next 24hrs
  • Do Not Have Facials, Facial Massage For 2 Weeks- This May Cause The Injected Solution To Spread To Nearby Muscles.
  • Avoid Exposure To Strong Sunlight, Very Cold Temperatures And Saunas For The Next 2 Weeks