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Enhance your confidence with a sparking smile at our beauty branch next street, we use state-of-the-art LED teeth whitening technology trusted by dentists worldwide . Please call (02) 9715 7998 to book your space.



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After Care

We have over 15 years of laser experience. Paramedical Beauty Clinic is a leading beauty clinic of non-invasive, skin rejuvenation and body contouring. 



We offer the newest and precise technology. It is powerful enough to do the treatments effectively yet safely and is well maintained to provide consistent results. 

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

We provide a friendly, passionate and professional service. We respect your privacy, while you are receiving our treatments in a relaxed hygienic environment. 


No matter how well you take care of your teeth, they’re going to get darker as you age. Some stains – from things like coffee, cola, and dark-colored foods – develop relatively evenly over all of your teeth and tend to accumulate over time. Other stains – such as those developed from smoking cigarettes – develop as unattractive, uneven patches on your teeth. Your teeth can even grow darker in color due to side effects of certain medications and antibiotics.

●  drink beverages using s straw. This reduces the amount of fluid that    has contact with the front surfaces of your teeth.

●  rinse after each meal. This helps to remove food particles from the      mouth and gives you fresher breath. 

●  don’t wear lipstick immediately after the teeth whitening session as      it can stain the teeth and leave behind a residue.

●  After you have your teeth whitened. Avoid any dark coloured              beverages as often as possible to prevent staining.

●  don’t eat dark coloured foods for a few weeks after your treatment. 

●  don’t smoke.

We offer you a free consultation at no cost. To ensure you that we provide a successful treatment program and skincare regime for your requirements.  

BleachBright, Australia's most respected teeth whitening brand, features state-of-the-art technologies that are safe, industry-unique and very cost-effective.

With only one 20 minute process your teeth will be brighter from two to eight shades! Create a positive attitude for yourself and improve your appearance while achieving a more youthful look with your new radiant smile.

The procedure itself is simple and self administered. There are NO Syringes, NO Impressions and NO Preparation! The patented double sided mouthpiece has a special whitening agent and other essential ingredients. Products are manufactured in the USA in the FDA compliant facility and meeting all ISO standards. All you have to do is simply insert the mouthpiece then SIT BACK AND RELAX.

Skin & Body Co. is the affiliated clinic of Paramedical beauty clinic, which is the licenced clinic to offer  BleachBright teeth whitening service.

Treat yourself to the delight of a brilliant smile, you deserve it!

Everybody wants whiter teeth. You can have whiter teeth as well with our easy to use at-home products! Our convenient and affordable products can make your teeth 2-8 shades whiter without breaking the bank.

✔   Quick, convenient and affordable

✔   Contains 18% Carbarmide Peroxide

✔   Amazing results and fresh minty taste

✔   30 plus applications