Fat Dissolving Injections​

Fat Dissolving Injections Involve Injecting Medications Into Specific Areas Of The Face Or Body To Eliminate The Fat Cells. 

Benefits Of Fat Dissolving Injections

  • Non-Surgical Fat Removing Procedure With Little Downtime

  • Tackles Stubborn, Localised Areas Of Fat On The Face, Under The Chin, Inner Thighs, Inner Knees, Double Chins, Back And Bra Rolls, Flanks, Abdomen And Saddlebags

  • Improves The ‘Double Chin Appearance’

The Procedure

A Thorough Medical History And Examination By Our Cosmetic Expert Followed By A Frank Discussion About What The Patient Seeks In Terms Of Results.
The Area To Be Treated Is Cleaned And Marked Out. A Series Of Multiple Tiny Injections Are Placed Into The Area, The Whole Procedure Is Usually Over In An Hour.
Post Care Instructions Are Then Discussed And A Follow Up Date Is Planned. There May Be A Need To Repeat The Procedure A Number Of Times.



The Results 

Usually, There Will Be Results Showing After 6-8 Weeks, Some Patients Require More Than One Treatment.




Absolute Contraindications Are So Many Including Age Younger Than 18 Years, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Fully Anticoagulated Patient Receiving Coumadin Or Heparin, Current Serious Illness Or Active Infection, Known Allergy To Soy Products Or Any Ingredients Of The Injection Compound, For Breast Reduction, Insulin-Dependent Diabetics With Unstable Diabetic Control Or Impaired Circulation, Severe Generalized Obesity, Previous Significant Adverse Reaction To This Treatment, Severe Needle Phobia And Immunocompromised Patients Of Transplant Recipients And Those Undergoing Chemotherapy.

Injection Lipolysis Should Not Be Used When Treating Patients Who Have Large Volumes Of Fat (BMI >30), Or Patients Who Have Unrealistic Expectations.