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Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction(Gynaecomastia) also known as man boobs is the over development of male breast tissue, resulting in abnormal breast tissue and the enlargement of the chest in males. It can happen in males of any age or weight and it is a very common condition amongst men. Often men treat this issue through an increase in exercise and improving their diet, however, this is not always successful and is not always the best option for males suffering from this condition.


Gynaecomastia commonly appears in males during infancy, adolescence and in old age. Gynaecomastia is thought to be caused by an altered ratio of androgens to estrogens, which occurs when there is an increase in estrogen production or a decrease in androgen production or a combination of these two factors. There are two main causes of Gynaecomastia and when treating the issue it is important to know the cause of the issue as different causes require different procedures.

Gynaecomastia Treatment

Gynaecomastia can be treated in two main ways depending on the severity of the case.  In mild cases of Gynaecomastia, the issue can be treated with advice on lifestyle habits such as adequate exercise and proper diet. In more severe cases of Gynaecomastia, medical treatments may be tried such as a surgical intervention. When treating Gynaecomastia through medical treatment, it is most effective when performed within the first two years after the start of male breast enlargement.

Surgical approaches to the treatment of gynaecomastia include subcutaneous mastectomy, liposuction assisted mastectomy, laser assisted liposuction and laser-lipolysis without liposuction. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is important to be aware of these before undergoing a procedure so that you can choose the procedure that suits you the most.

The basic steps involved in surgical treatment are

  • The patient is anesthetized (The procedure can be performed under general or local anaesthesia depending on the patient)
  • A small incision is made below the areola region of the breast
  • Excess breast tissue is removed surgically
  • Excess fat is removed through liposuction( not always required)
  • The incision is sutured closed.

Risks Of Gynaecomastia Surgery Treatment

Like all surgeries, there are risks associated with Gynaecomastia treatment. Common risks involved in Gynaecomastia treatment include

  • Bruising pain
  • Swelling
  • Numbness

Rarer risks involved in Gynaecomastia include:

  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Asymmetry
  • depressed nipple


Every person’s recovery is different and recovery time depends on numerous factors such as how you care for yourself after the surgery, your health status, the success of the procedure, the type of procedure as well as numerous other factors. 

After your procedure, you will be given compression garments or dressings, like vests, ace bandages, elastic bandages or another form of dressing. The amount of time this needs to be worn differs from patient to patient, ranging from a few days to months. these are vital to your recovery.

When recovering from a Gynaecomastia treatment, it is important to rest for at least 3 days at home after the treatment, where the movement of the body is limited.  You can walk around the house and do most of your regular activities, but avoid heavy lifting, and movement of the arms and chest areas as this will cause complications on the results of your procedure. This may be longer or shorter depending on the patient, however, it is essential for the recovery process.

Following this, the patient may return to non-intensive exercise after two weeks such as prolonged walking and light jogging. More intense exercises such as weightlifting and running can then be resumed after a further 2-3 weeks. Finally, chest and intensive abdominal exercises should only be resumed after about 5 weeks after the surgery. However, it is important to remember that this is just a general guideline and recovery times may be longer or shorter depending on a number of factors such as your health status, if other procedures were performed, if any complications occurred and many other factors. 


Cost varies significantly depending on factors such as personal health, the difficulty of the procedure, if it is done in conjunction with other procedures as well as numerous other factors. So either give us a call or come in for a consultation and we will provide you with an estimate of how much the surgery will cost for you so that you can determine what cosmetic procedures you want.
Price Guide: from $5000.




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