Nipple Reduction/ Areolar Reduction

The size and shape of the nipple, while not typically an indicator of a health concern, can cause aesthetic distress for some individuals. The nipple is cylindrical in shape with a curved top, however, nipple hypertrophy occurs when the projection or diameter of the nipple is overly tall or wide. Nipple hypertrophy can be present during puberty but can also be caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, or trauma to the tissue.

When performing a nipple reduction, the focus is more commonly on the projection, or height, of the nipple. The diameter, or width, of the nipple can also be corrected during the procedure.

How We Do It

First, preoperative marks will be drawn on the nipple. Depending on the preference of the patient, a circular mark will be made at the base of the nipple as well as between 6-8mm from the base of the nipple, delineating the new nipple height. If the diameter of the nipple is being reduced, additional rectangular or wedge markings will be made on the top and bottom of the nipple, equaling the amount of tissue to be removed.

Only local anaesthesia is necessary during a nipple reduction procedure. The base and trunk of the nipple will be infiltrated with lidocaine. Incisions will be made following the preoperative markings. Extra skin will be dissected and removed. Sutures will be used to attach the nipple to the base, reducing the height. If the width of the nipple is being reduced, the skin on the circumference of the nipple will be sutured back together as well. A bandage will be placed over the nipple and areola.


Most patients are recovered 2 weeks after the procedure. The goal of a nipple reduction is to reduce the projection or diameter of the nipple.


Cost varies significantly depending on factors such as personal health, the difficulty of the procedure, if it is done in conjunction with other procedures as well as numerous other factors. So either give us a call or come in for a consultation and we will provide you with an estimate of how much the surgery will cost for you so that you can determine what cosmetic procedures you want.
Price Guide: from $3000.