Beauty is of course subjective, every culture has its own standards of beauty. According to conventional cosmetic surgery, the simplest answer is that a beautiful nose is relatively small, smooth and symmetrical. What makes a good nose job for you? Only you and the most experienced expert in the field can provide this answer.




As everyone has a unique face, it is hard to outline the characteristics and features of a standard attractive nose. Generally, there are a few things that most people want to change, which the expert would consider a reference point.


  • Width: Most people want their noses to be thin. So, narrowing the overall width is an important part of the nose job(Rhinoplasty).
  • Nasal Tip: Many people have thick nasal skin, which makes their tip rounder, they want their noses to be an ideal nasal tip.
  • Straighter lines: No Humps and Bumps
  • Size of nostrils: smaller and symmetrical nostrils.
  • The angle between the tip and the lip:  This can help define a more feminine or more masculine nose.
  • The overall shape relative to the face: Your nose must suit the rest of your face.



To achieve a beautiful nose, it is very important to choose an expert who has technical experience as well as a real artistic sense.